The Mad Hatter Goes Truly "Mad" For a Day

Posted by asad1775 on August 12, 2017 at 6:40 AM

As you know, the local version of The Mad Hatter came to an end this past July. It was the final chapter of the physical shop but by no means the end of the Mad Hatter shop. We’re continuing online and we’ll still be in town for special tea parties and other fun events.

But we couldn’t let the shop go out without a final send-off, so we decided to go literally mad for a day and just give it all away. Literally, we opened up the doors and just invited people in for a free-for-all!

In the retail world, that is the very definition of ‘Mad’!

Email Subscribers Had a Terrific Surprise in Their Inboxes One Morning

Subscribers to the Mad Hatter email woke to find a special message in their inboxes. We’d sent out an announcement saying that day would be ‘Free Day’ at the Mad Hatter and they’d better hurry down before everyone else got wind of the event.

All Our Friends Showed Up

The email worked, and soon our friends and loyal customers were trickling—then pouring—into the shop to see what was what. Some seemed to think maybe it was all a joke.

How could anyone give away their shop?

But once our friends and customers walked through the front door of the shop and realized Free Day was no joke, they joined in the fun. Everyone was picking out what they wanted: teas, lotions, soaps, hat boxes and yes… hats.

Here’s Why We Did It

Bobbie really hates moving! Since the Mad Hatter was closing down, the shop had to be completely emptied. The prospect of moving everything was just too much for this Southern lady and her crew so we came up with the idea of Free Day.

Plus, it was our way of thanking our loyal local customers for years of fun and support. We were thrilled that so many of you got to take home some great products and we had a fun day on top of it all.

What Happened to the Rest?

Believe it or not, there was still some merchandise left in the shop at the end of Free Day! And since Bobbie really hates packing, we called a local thrift store that raises money for autism. They came and picked up the rest, thereby ending the final phase of Free Day at the Mad Hatter.

Thanks, Everyone, For Making Free Day a Success!

We met our goal and emptied the shop on Free Day. But the real reward was seeing our customers once again, and knowing we provided some items they’ll enjoy. That, more than anything, means a lot to us here at the Mad Hatter… because without our local customers, we never would have arrived at the place where we are today.

We hope everyone continues to stay in touch with us, either by visiting us online to read our blog or by shopping our online shops. See you soon!

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