Get Your Spa on With Cucumber Melon Tea

Posted by asad1775 on September 14, 2019 at 9:45 AM

Green tea and cucumber pair so well and evoke such a calm, refreshing sense of well-being. Cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden even made a limited edition line of products based on this very same combination: Green Tea Cucumber Eau de Toilette Spray. Her spray is missing the melon accent that’s found in the Mad Hatter tea but that’s part of what makes this tea combo so special.


We love it so much around here, we designed an entire spa day around it! So if you can’t get to the spa this week, no worries- you can recreate the relaxing, refreshing atmosphere of a luxury day spa at home. Here are three ways Mad Hatter’s Cucumber Melon Tea can help you relax, feel rejuvenated, and pampered all at once – without having to leave the comfort of your home.

1. First, Refresh by Sipping Iced Cucumber Melon Tea

Iced tea sipped from a favorite Japanese demi-cup or a fancy crystal goblet seems like a luxury but it’s something you can do any time to ease yourself into the spa mindset. Cucumber Melon Tea is made with real cucumber slices, which are reminiscent of the cucumber water you’ll see in most high-end spas. Sipping the tea cool refreshes you as you begin your at-home spa experience.


2. Soothe and Cool Down Eyelids With Cucumber Melon Green Tea Bags

If you’ve brewed some of the Cucumber Melon tea beforehand for your cool pre-spa drink, set aside the tea bags and refrigerate them. They can play an important role in your spa experience. Lots of people use actual cucumber slices to reduce the dark circles under their eyes. Mad Hatter’s Cucumber Melon Tea is made with real green tea, which is believed to have the same effect. In addition, the green tea gives you the added benefit of reducing puffiness. After removing them from the fridge, place one already-steeped bag on each lid and relax for 15 minutes.


3. Relax With Hot Cucumber Melon Tea Afterwards

Assuming you’ve customized your at-home spa experience by adding a few more treatments (like a face mask or a soothing soak in the tub), it’s time to round out the afternoon with … you guessed it: more Cucumber Melon Tea!

Brewed fresh and served hot, you’ll notice that the flavors really come out. The green tea tastes especially clean when fresh-brewed hot and it’s perfectly balanced by the clean taste of the cucumber. Finally, the hint of melon rounds out your palette by adding just the right touch of fruity flavor. Not a bad way to wrap up a DIY spa session at home!

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