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Royal Wedding Tea


For the Royal Wedding, we’ve come up with a truly special blend. It’s a tea infused with as much symbolism as it is flavor.

Royal Wedding Tea is coming out just in time for the Royal Wedding but the timing isn’t the only thing that makes this tea so appropriate for celebrating the union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. A quick look at the ingredients and anyone familiar with flower and herb symbolism could quickly tell you this is a tea specially blended for such an occasion.

We researched our ingredients for this tea, so when you’re sipping it either hot or chilled, know that it says “Royal Wedding” through and through.

Royalty & Beauty. The first clue is the Hibiscus. Circle around the globe from England to Hawaii, another royal-infused culture with plenty of tradition. There, the Hibiscus is the symbol of old royalty. And in Victorian England, you’d send a hibiscus flower to someone as a way of saying, “you’re beautiful”.

Ahem…Next up is Lemongrass, which we’ll gloss over and quickly move on to the next ingredient, Elderberries (Lemongrass is traditionally associated with the idea of lust, and although that may be fitting symbolism for the loving union of two people who are in love, it’s not demure enough for our ‘tea talk’!).

Good Health. A virtual medicine cabinet in traditional times… so here we have the symbol of good health.

Love. Finally, there’s the citrus element of Royal Wedding Tea. It really is a fruit-based “wine punch” (but of course there’s no wine involved), so citrus is really what forms the foundation of the tea’s refreshing, sparkling taste. And how fitting that orange is the symbol of love, the foundation of a beautiful marriage!

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