Mad Hatter is excited to be included in Carol Roth's latest blog post.  Our tip is #7, which we have included below.

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Tips to Boost Summer Sales
Written By: Carol Roth
Business Unplugged™

Tips to Boost Summer Sales
Written By: Carol Roth 

Summer is well underway and with that rise in temperature often comes a drop in sales. So, how can entrepreneurs and business owners overcome this all-too-common summer slump? To help answer that question, we have reached out to the fantastic 

7. Promoting Popular Summer Items

We love promoting our business along with a community event with artwork (created by a local artist) on our door. The attached photo shows how we combined Tea and the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Did you see the teacup?

Another suggestion is to use an outdoor chalkboard sign and change the message every week. On a hot summer day, we may have "Free Iced Tea Samples" written on ours and it brings new customers in every time.

Be creative and see what works for your business.

Mad Hatter Ready for the Races

- RALEIGH, N.C. - Mar 28, 2017 - Hats and gloves have always been a luxury accessory, something that people would save up for or purchase as a gift for someone special. They have been a part of fashion’s history for nearly as long as time has been recorded. Women’s hats had their heyday in the Edwardian period, but have been making a comeback thanks to shows like Downton Abbey. The Mad Hatter’s Hat Shop in North Carolina has seen a rise in business not only in the town of Fuquay-Varina but from out of state.

Oh we get calls all the time from out of state. I think people are looking for something that is beautiful,” says owner Bobbie Asad,” but more than that something that is special. Hats today are not worn as much as they were at one time, so when you wear one—inadvertently or not—you’ve created a special occasion.”

The small hat shop believes that they receive so much attention because they have kept their focus on hats and tea party accessories. “When you focus on something you do it better,” says Asad. Walking into the tiny shop is walking backwards in time, to tea parties, afternoon teas, and garden parties.  Hat racks are lined up on one side, tea pots on display, and counters have rows of teas, soaps, and other genteel items.  What Asad wanted was to create a place that people would love to visit, as much as, making a purchase. When people go to the Mad Hatter they are getting more than just a hat or tea pot; they are buying a ticket for fun.

The shop is open from 10 am to 4 pm Wednesday thru Saturday and is located on 107 S. Main St. in Fuquay-Varina.

Visit for more information.

5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Have to Visit Mad Hatter

RALEIGH, N.C. - Feb. 19, 2017 --- Mad Hatter, a specialty shop located in downtown Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, has already established a name for itself across the state with its unique ladies hats and loose leaf teas. The store has a unique, welcoming atmosphere that attracts long-time regulars looking for that perfect hat, as well as casual visitors who may be buying the first "real" hat of their life.

Here are five reasons why you absolutely have to visit Mad Hatter.

Reason #1: The amazing selection of hats

The first reason you have to visit Mad Hatter, of course, is the irresistible collection of hats. You'll literally think you've fallen down the rabbit hole once you've entered Mad Hatter, which boasts a fun collection of hats that would be perfect for attending this season's Kentucky Derby parties, hosting a tea party at home, or wearing to church every Sunday.

These are hats definitely made to impress – there are no two hats that are alike in the store. But where Mad Hatter really shines are the amazing fascinators that are on sale. Thanks to the public's fascination with the Royal Family, most people have an immediate idea of what a fascinator looks like, even if they've never heard the term before: they are fun, whimsical hats that include large flowers, bows, or other adornments.

If you're thinking of wearing these hats to the office or to pick up the kids from school, though, that's probably not the best idea – although you'll certainly be the center of attention for the whole day. According to the store's owner, Bobbie Asad, the reason why many women buy these hats is really just for fun. Some women like to host tea parties, or organize other social gatherings – such as Kentucky Derby parties - where hats are all part of the enjoyment.

And, with the breakthrough success of TV shows like "Downton Abbey" as well as the media buzz around Kate Middleton, that's made women's hats a hot new fashion accessory for women, regardless of age. It's not so much trying to capture a new trend – it's about trying to capture your own unique personality in any number of blues, yellows, reds or pinks! Even better if your new gold hat includes plenty of sparkly adornments and a huge bow!

Reason #2: The unique loose leaf teas

But beyond just the hats, Mad Hatter has another surprise waiting for visitors – a fantastic selection of original loose leaf teas that are perfect for hosting a weekend tea event or just enjoying at home with family and friends. While there are many different types to try, the two new flavors that Mad Hatter fans are talking about right now are Chocolate Peppermint and Chocolate Ginger Bourbon.

As you can tell, the fun, whimsical nature of the hats has a matching complement in the fun, whimsical teas for purchase. Just about the only thing better than a chocolate-flavored tea is a chocolate-flavored tea that includes a hint of bourbon! And, even better, you can match up these teas with the store's selection of beautiful teapots and teacups.

Reason #3: The quaint, "shop local" atmosphere

This combination of hats and teas has turned Mad Hatter into a local attraction that even visitors from as far away as Raleigh or Fairfax, Virginia come to see. Some fashion designers, too, like to pop by the store for a little inspiration.

And that's led to some recent buzz and attention in the local press, including a guest appearance on the "My Carolina Today" TV show. What the store's owner, Bobbie Asad, likes to point out is that Mad Hatter is the perfect kind of "shop local" store – a place that locals like to frequent for its quaint atmosphere and unique, one-of-a-kind items that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Mad Hatter has become part of the tight-knit local business community, often sponsoring charity events for local causes or tasting events to promote the products of local restaurants and chefs. In fact, one of the first things you'll notice on the Mad Hatter website – aside from all the beautiful women in fantastic hats – is the store's dedication to animal adoption and support of the local county animal shelter.

Reason #4: The diverse selection of gifts for any occasion

Recently, Mad Hatter has branched out into locally made hand lotions, sprays and scrubs, including a Signature Scent as well as Lavender and Coconut Lime. Those products make fantastic gifts just about any time of the year.

The store also offers a growing assortment of specialty food products that are offered by local North Carolina food businesses. Think barbecue sauces and other fun additions to any meal. Best of all, these are almost all locally made, so you will be supporting local North Carolina artisans with your purchase.

Reason #5: Mad Hatter is the perfect weekday escape

The best time to visit Mad Hatter is not on the weekend – when the store tends to attract significant foot traffic – but on the weekday. The store is not open Monday or Tuesday, but Wednesdays or Thursdays are perfect for getting a chance to study all the unique hats on display without a busy throng of shoppers around you. Most days, it is Bobbie herself who is working at the store, so you can get first-hand, knowledgeable help in picking out the perfect hat.

Every hat tells a story, and for first-time hat buyers, it can be a bit daunting in picking through the amazing collection of hats. Flower or no flower? Bow or no bow? Wide brim or no brim? Those are just a few of the questions that the store's staff can help you answer. The goal, of course, is to walk away with a hat that you will absolutely love that will tell a unique story about you. Embrace your inner creativity and turn a visit to Mad Hatter into the perfect weekday escape.

So the next time you're in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina be sure to stop by 107 South Main Street. The store's not hard to find – just look for all the wonderful Southern Belle ladies coming out of the store with their amazing new hats!

Mad Hatter Mentioned Twice in Carol Roth's Entrepreneur Business Blog

Mad Hatter is a hat and tea shop located in North Carolina's downtown Fuquay-Varina. The shop has been known by locals for its array of hats and tea supplies, but was more recently noticed and acknowledged by NY based best-selling author, Carol Roth.

RALEIGH, N.C. - Jan. 9, 2017 -  Locals who hurry to Mad Hatter to find the latest hats and tea supplies often see the store as a quaint throwback to yesteryear, a time where things were slower, more formal, and definitely more frilly. What many don't recognize is the business acumen that it takes to keep a business like Mad Hatter going and growing.  Enter best-selling author and entrepreneur Carol Roth. Roth is a well-known radio host and television personality whose own successful investment strategies enabled her to develop her own theories of entrepreneurship that she captured in bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation, and her own blog series. Twice now Mad Hatter has been featured on her blog, first in her blog post on Holiday Tips, and more recently in the article: Business Preparation Tips for 2017 ( where the store was featured as "Tip #3".

It is imperative to look at purchasing trends within each business, enhance the ones that are working, and come up with new ideas for products/promotions that did not bring desired results in 2016. Promotions that are new to your area work best, so be creative. Strive to be different and stand out in 2017.-Bobbie Asad

Mad Hatter was delighted to be included and receive national visibility for their shop, however, they are happiest that their business model and shop has managed to remain a Fuquay-Varina staple for the past few years. New businesses rarely make it past the first year, and this shop is the little engine that could. It hit a niche market, fulfilled a need for the town, and is able to provide the owners with the ability to work in a business they enjoy. "We are incredibly grateful for our success," says Asad. "After a job layoff, I started thinking of opening a retail shop, and after market research, decided to open Mad Hatter.  I have been delighted with how well we've been received and cannot wait to see where we're going in 2017."

Mad Hatter is located at 107 South Main Street in Fuquay-Varina, and may be reached by calling (919) 557-5771.